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About Surag
  • We strongly believe in the saying "Health is Wealth". Our love and passion towards creating better health resulted in the delicious food products which can be consumed in your daily meal and providing you the better health which reduces the risk of many major diseases such as Cancer, Heart problems, Diabetes, Bool Pressure, Liver and Kidney disorders and many more. .
  • Our food is based on the truly authentic recipes which are handed down over the generations as our forefathers knew that pure and healthy food is the secret for the long life.
  • Keeping in mind the fast moving, mechanical and tension filled life of the people, Surag Foods has designed its product to resonate with the needs of the modern consumer which aims at providing the better health. .
  • All the items in the Surag brand are certified food and safety policy, We not only believe but also ensure that quality stands first.
  • Surag products are divided into tasty chutney powders, pickles and instant dosa mix.
    Surag promises to serve you better by providing the authentic Indian food.